Saturday, October 22, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today 10/22

Outside of KC's game today, only 2 games could have an effect on Sporting KC, and that's only if KC fails to get the win against DC. If KC wins the results aren't going to matter at all to KC.

Toronto - New England

What we want to happen: Doesn't matter

Both are eliminated from the playoffs, the only thing that is really being fought for is for New England to avoid the "Wooden Spoon" for the worst record in the league.

Vancouver - Colorado

What we want to happen:
Vancouver win

It'll take a string of results to go against KC for this result to matter to them (KC lose, Columbus win/draw, and Houston win), but if it does this result would affect whether KC gets the 2nd or the 3rd wild card spot. The second wild card spot would mean a game at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park likely against Colorado in the wild card round so Colorado losing allows for that potential should results go against KC.

Chicago - Columbus

What we want to happen
: Chicago win

This is the other game that could affect KC. A draw for Columbus combined with a KC loss would tie Columbus on points with KC and Philadelphia. Columbus wins that tie breaker due to a better record against KC and the Union. A win for Columbus and KC needs to make sure that they win or else Columbus will jump ahead of them for first place. KC taking care of business is best, but if need be, Chicago winning would be best for KC.

Salt Lake - Portland

What we want to happen:
Salt Lake win

This could possibly have some affect on KC. Salt Lake and Dallas are tied on points for the 3rd spot in the West and 1st Wild Card spot. So if KC wins the East they could possibly find themselves playing one of these two teams. So it becomes a question of who KC would possibly rather play in a home-away match up. I'd personally rather travel to Pizza Hut Park instead of traveling to Rio Tinto.

San Jose - Dallas

What we want to happen: San Jose win

Same with the Salt Lake game it becomes a question of where would KC rather go in a potential home-away match up in the playoffs. As I said above I'd rather see a trip to PHP instead of RioT.

Chivas - Seattle

What we want to happen
: Chivas win

A game that really means nothing to KC, but I always like seeing Seattle lose.

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