Friday, December 02, 2011

Sporting Trade for Bobby Convey

Sporting Kansas City continued their busy start to the offseason, making another trade. This time, the team brought in left sided midfielder/back, Bobby Convey from the San Jose Earthquakes. In return, Sporting KC is sending an international roster spot to the Quakes. A bit of a surprising move for KC sending the international spot to San Jose, as KC will now go from 9 international spots to 7, the other spot KC is losing is because it's expiring from the Adam Cristman trade with DC.

I'm still torn on the acquisition of Convey. I've never been a fan of Convey as a player, he's not a guy that's really impressed me. But the guy does have some talent. He's a former national team player, making the 2006 World Cup team. He's also a two time MLS all start making the game the past two years. There are two things though that worried me the most when people even brought this up as a potential player to trade for when the news of a trade started to come out. The first seems to have been taken care of at least a little bit. That was Convey's salary. Convey made $313,000 with the Quakes last year, and with his option not being picked up by the Quakes it was likely that his 2012 salary would have been for a very similar amount as his contract this year. As part of the trade, Convey has agreed to a new 4 year contract with the team and apparently his new salary is supposed much lower than his current salary.

The second thing that bothers me about this trade is Convey's attitude. He was benched in San Jose and there's been plenty of rumors about his attitude during his time with the team. Talk of him not wanting to play left back being part of the reason for his benching along with other things. But in KC I can't see Peter Vermes accepting that sort of attitude from Convey. He hasn't accepted that from other players like Ryan Smith and Stephane Auvray, so I don't expect him to accept the same attitude from Convey to bring different.

It'll be interesting to see where Vermes plays the left sided player. His displeasure in playing as a left back may be tested if Vermes chooses to have him compete with Seth Sinovic for the starting spot. I'm not totally sure that he fits in as the left sided striker in KC's system either. But it'll certainly be interesting to see where Vermes fits him in.


Anonymous said...

He's a fuckin entitled brat! Seriously do we only watch DVDs when pickin players? ugh. And where to play him? I think our starting XI is pretty well nailed down. unless....somebody else on the way out?

josh said...

with this pick up, i think we will definetly be drafting a center back from the super draft. by the way ananonymous, its called a depth chart for a reason, and we don't have any depth at the outside back position. tom brady fought his ass off to dethrone drew bledsoe, and i think this is what PV is doing. i hope we don't have another Wolfe on our hands though

Ben said...

This move has some risk, but so what? If he fails the Wizards have other capable starters, if he excels they've improved.

Also I have to give Vermes credit for keeping Sinovic and getting money. After the expansion draft I criticized the decision to keep Arnaud, but it turns out he had a good plan all along. I love having local players like him and Besler.

Host PPH said...

At the anonymous who commented first on this post, hey bro take it easy, there is no need to yell about, that was a bad buy I know, but what can we do about it? nothing, just to keep supporting our team