Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Wishes

Time for another year of wishes for 2012. Here's a look of what I am wanting and wishing to see in 2012.

1. Silverware - Is anything else really that important? I want silverware, as Robb Heineman put it tonight on Twitter, #paintthewall. I want to add more stuff to the wall that shows our accomplishments. Bring home a trophy.

2. A double digit goal scorer - In league play this last year KC had 3 players hit 9 goals, but none reached the double digit mark. Tela Bunbury, Kei Kamara, CJ Sapong, or a new designated player, I want a double digit scorer.

3. A designated player who scores double digit goals - KC is going to have to replace the 9 goals that Omar Bravo scored, and is probably going to need to surpass that. Whether it's the mystery Spanish DP, or another DP, KC is going to need a big performance from a designated player to win trophies this year.

4. Equal or better last year's attendance mark - It's a lofty goal, but with a spread out home schedule and the team that Peter Vermes has put together, KC should hopefully be able to top this past year's 17,810.

5. One home loss at most - LIVESTRONG was a virtual fortress for the majority of the season last year. Time to make it one for real. KC making LSP a facility that teams fear coming to is the next step. The Cauldron's growth this past year has helped immensely, the growth on the south stand will help even more. Doing it on the field will be the final step.

6. Lock up Matt Besler, Graham Zusi, and Chance Myers long term - These 3 are likely the young nucleus of the team for the next 5 years or so. All 3 had break out years this past year. Now to avoid a situation similar to Michael Harrington's from this past year where he didn't seem to live up to his new contract I would have all three, especially Myers, who had done little to justify his number one selection until this past year. Still I think signing these 3 before they become free agents is going to be extremely important.

7. A World Cup qualifier at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park - The US's first round of World Cup qualifying starts up this coming year, The USA is grouped with Jamaica, Guatemala, and Antigua and Barbuda. Part of me doesn't want a game this round, instead I want it in the Hex. But getting one this coming year, proving once again that KC is a place that can and will pull a pro-USA crowd is important for me. Prove that KC can be a fortress for the US and the big games will follow.

8. Get OUR MLS Cup back from Hunt Sports Group - For those that dont' know, the MLS Cup 2000 trophy is NOT in Kansas City. The trophy is not at the Sporting KC front office, it is not at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. The trophy for the Wizards MLS Cup 2000 win is apparently at HSG headquarters in Dallas. I'm wanting to use this year to start a campaign to bring home OUR MLS Cup. The trophy wasn't won by HSG, it was won by the the Wizards. While Lamar Hunt plays a HUGE role in not only the KC Wizards existence, but them currently being STILL being in KC, and not San Antonio, Tulsa, St. Louis, or Rochester, the trophy belongs in KC. BRING OUR TROPHY HOME ROBB.


Anonymous said...

1-3-5 not a chance.
2-4-6 maybe.
7 virtually guaranteed.
8 they're probably on that by now. but if it's not back by season start, round up a posse to go "collect" it.

bstoeff said...

Seriously, first of all is getting out cup back from Hunt. When I learned about that a couple years ago, I have been pretty sad ever since. Kansas City won the cup the cup belongs to Kansas City. Clark should respect us enough to undstand the city and team owns the Cup over the owners.

Thomas G said...

I wish you a year full of achievements in 2012 on all levels!

pay per head said...

pretty good 2012 wishes, I share some of your wishes too and just let's give time to time to see how many of these wishes can become a reality!!