Friday, December 02, 2011

Vermes to Coach MLS GA Team

Today, MLS announced the coaching staff and roster for the upcoming Generation Adidas trip to the Netherlands. Peter Vermes and the Sporting Kansas City coaching staff have been named the coaches for the trip. Vermes will be joined by Zoran Savic, John Pascarella, and Juniors coach Jon Parry on the tour. Kerry Zavagnin and fitness coach Mateus Manoel are in Europe scouting so they will not participate in the tour. The Generation Adidas team will be in Holland from December 5th through the 15th.

During the time over there, the team will train at the Ajax training facilities. They will go up against the reserves for Ajax, FC Volendam, and Almere City FC while they are over there and take in 3 matches, including Ajax vs Real Madrid in the Champions' League. Should be a good opportunity for Vermes to show really what he can do as a coach. No Sporting KC players will be participating in the tour.


Jon said...

I enjoy your blog immensely but it is time to change your picture. With Davy gone, a new stadium and the rebranding taking place you now give the impression that you are out of touch with the current happenings of SKC. I assume your media of choice was chosen so that you could be current and relevant in a fast paced sports world. If your goal with leaving your picture all through this season was to honor the history and tradition of the Wizards why not go to the beginning and get a shot from 96? Your first impression seems to deny the breaking stories contained in your blog. At first glance it just looks like you used to write about the Wizards and haven't updated your page and therefore may be losing eyes on your hard work. Just a suggestion from someone who wants more people interested in in SKC.

Mike said...


It is on my list of stuff to do this offseason. Once things settle down a bit that is what I'm going to be doing.