Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sassano Opts Out of Re-Entry Draft

Yesterday while looking around MLS' website I went back to the list of players that were put into the re-entry draft. The list of Sporting KC players had been reduced by one. Luke Sassano was no longer listed as being available in the draft. Today on Twitter, I got a response from @agenterob, Sassano's agent. In the response I was told that Sassano opted out of the re-entry draft.

So what does that mean? Well from doing a little searching, I found this article from the Revolution that talks about the players they have that are eligible for the re-entry draft. It says: "Eligible players may either choose to participate in the Re-Entry Process or opt out and sign with their current clubs."

The bolded part is mine. If this is correct, it would seem that Sassano has opted out of the draft and signed a new contract with Sporting KC. I know that will make quite a few people happy, especially those at Pandolfi's, home of The Sassano, probably the best sandwich in the city in my opinion.

Sassano played in 9 games, starting 5. He also scored this goal to cap off Sporting KC's win over Dallas.

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1 comment:

joshua said...

i like luke. he is pretty solid in the middle and he can also play a little back line as well. overall the kid is fairly consistent and works hard at getting better.