Monday, December 05, 2011

End of Season Grades

Took a little while for me to get this post out due to all the stuff that's been going on since Sporting KC's season ended. But here's a look at my post season grades.

Korede Aiyegbusi - INC - Only played 94 minutes for KC in league play this year, not enough to warrent a grade.

Davy Arnaud - C+ - Missed quite a bit of time after having hernia surgery, and once back found himself as a back up to the midfield trio of Cesar, Espinoza, and Zusi. Didn't hear any complaining publicly about it. Arnaud provided stability off the bench. Now making his way to Montreal and is tabbed to captain the side.

Stephane Auvray - D - No change from his mid-season grade, disappeared from KC after the Gold Cup, only popped up when he was traded to New York for a draft pick.

Matt Besler - A - My team MVP, Besler came into his own this year, not just on the defensive side of the field, but contributing offensively with two goals and setting up at least 5 with his long throws.

Omar Bravo - B - KC's designated player ended up tying for the golden boot with Kamara and Bunbury, with 9, not a bad haul considering he missed time during the season, but not exactly the contribution some were wanting.

Teal Bunbury - B - Probably the best improvement from the mid-season to the end of season grade. Bunbury hit some very good form in the second half of the season, and continued it into the playoffs.

Julio Cesar - B+ - Cesar's move to the midfield proved to be a master stroke. His lack of speed in recovery was less exposed there with Collin and Besler behind him and Espinoza in front of him. The fact that he had the defense behind him also kept some people from having a heart attack over some of his tackles. And on top of that his passing was able to be on full display.

Aurelien Collin - A- - Missed part of the back half of the season with a back injury but came back and had a very solid season. While he led the league in yellow cards, he did well later in the season to cut back on his yellow cards.

Daneil Cyrus - INC - Cyrus only played in two games, coming on for Collin in the game he got injured and starting the next game. But Cyrus suffered a broken foot in a reserve game and missed the rest of the season.

Birahim Diop - C+ - Not a horrible season for Diop, not the 5 goal performance he had last year, but was a solid contributor, mainly off the bench for KC.

Kevin Ellis - INC - Only had the Open Cup appearance in league play for KC, although he also scored in the friendly against Chivas Guadalajara.

Roger Espinoza - B+ - His move to the midfield made the season for Espinoza, after impressing against Mexico in the Gold Cup, Espinoza has found a home in the midfield. Espinoza filled both the d-mid and the box-to-box role, depending on how the rest of the midfield ended up being set up.

Michael Harrington - C- - Harrington lost his starting spot after an impressive performance from Sinovic once he came in. That and Myers emergence on the right kept Harrington's chances to a minimum.

Kei Kamara - B+ - Kamara has only gone and had one of the most successful 2 season runs in team history adding 9 goals this year to his 10 goals last year. Kamara is becoming a solid leader on this team.

Jon Kempin - INC - No appearances for KC's home grown player.

Eric Kronberg - INC - Set a career record for appearances, but no appearances in the second half of the season give him an INC.

Jeferson - D - The team's midseason designated player signing had a nice initial impact, getting an assist in his debut, but after that there was very little from the Brazilian. He's on his way back to Vasco after that unimpressive performance.

Peterson Joseph - INC - Only one appearances for the Haitian international.

Scott Lorenz - INC - One league appearances and 2 Open Cup appearances see Lorenz get an INC.

Chance Myers - A - From first round bust, to reserve league Jesus, to first team Messiah, a huge turn around of a season for the former number 1 overall pick. Myers became one of the best right backs in the lead and should have worked himself right into the conversation for the national team.

Jimmy Nielsen - A- - Nielsen had another great season and was rewarded with a contract extension. Nielsen won KC plenty of points, which is what you want out of KC, the ability to win you points.

Lawrence Olum - INC - Only one appearance for the roster deadline day signing.

Craig Rocastle - C+ - An injury at the Gold Cup knocked him out of action and was never able to get back into action after that.

Soony Saad - B- - KC's youngest ever goal scorer seems to have a bright future ahead of him, and Vermes seems set to give him every opportunity to earn playing time.

CJ Sapong - A - Considered a reach at the number 10 spot, the James Madison grad won himself rookie of the year, not much more you can expect from him.

Luke Sassano - C+ - Sassano had some injury issues later in the season that saw his grade drop. But did well as filling in for KC.

Seth Sinovic - A - From New England cast off, to starter for KC. New England has to still be kicking themselves for waiving Sinovic to sign Didier Domi.

Ryan Smith - INC - The Englishmen left KC and has subsequently been traded Chivas.

Milos Stojcev - C- - Stojcev started off with some flash, but as teams realized that he had no right foot, his playing time greatly diminished.

Shavar Thomas - INC - Thomas only played 35 league minutes for KC and now finds himself in the re-entry draft.

Konrad Warzycha - INC - Appeared in only 1 reserve game at the end of the season.

Graham Zusi - A- - A break out year for the former Maryland player. He showed the ability to lead the attack in midfield as well as sit a little deeper and play more of a box to box role.


Anonymous said...

My opinion: If anyone deserves an A+, it's Puma.

And just for fun....

Assist of the year: Sapong to Teal for the equalizer vs San Jose.

Goal of the year: Bravo header in the 93rd vs Chivas.

Dan said...

He did a goal of the year, Zusi won.

Reepicheep said...

Sinovic and Myers A's? Myers got so owned by Shea, it's hard for me to give him the same grade as Matt Besler. Sinovic was very good for 70 minutes of most games, but several times he just broke down at the end...Seattle comes to mind. Anyways...