Monday, December 05, 2011

Bravo Done in KC?

We thought the Omar Bravo rumors were dead, but it turns out that they in fact are not. A Tweet today from Jorge Ramos with ESPN Deportes said "Omar Bravo will not play again in Kansas City problems with the coach." A few days after we heard that Peter Vermes and Bravo had a conversation with what was said to be a good conversation and a week or so after news came out that Bravo wasn't going to go on loan, this news comes out.

We'll have to see if there is any proof to this rumor, but it wouldn't be totally surprising. It'd be disappointing though, Bravo had been a big part for much of Kansas City's run last season. But in the playoffs, Bravo found himself on the bench in the first leg due to an injury, and was never able to earn back his starting spot due to the good form KC showed in the series against Colorado. Plenty of arguments can be made that Vermes waited too long to bring on the Mexican, and you won't find me arguing against it. That said, Bravo is a professional and should be able to understand the situation that KC found themselves in.

So it looks like we'll be back to discussing the future of Omar Bravo in Kansas City again.


Stephen Heiner said...


I think that we definitely should have seen Bravo more that last game, but we beat ourselves that night. I don't think 30 more minutes of Bravo could have saved us. What would have saved us was another game via an aggregate system, but that's already been fixed for this next season...but I digress...

If we didn't need Bravo in the playoffs, it didn't mean he wasn't there for us all season. I know having personality conflicts with coaches is a "thing" in soccer, but is it more so with Vermes than with others?

Anonymous said...

I'd be really upset if it is true. Bravo is one of my favorite players, and was a big part of our 2011 success.

I will forever say it -- He should have come in early in the second half. I know our guys were hot vs Colorado, but they didn't perform in the first half of the Houston game. (Puma sure did though.)

Scoring Chance Percentage from 2011
Bravo - 15.0
Teal - 13.8
Kei - 9.9
CJ - 9.4

Not to mention the fact that he was primarily our 2011 Captain, and we went 0-4 while he was out for his hernia surgery.

I don't have a Google account, this is!/AlexKritenbrink

Drew said...

Looking at KC's offseason moves thus far getting Nagamura and Convey I think are fantastic. Nagamura's a veteran who adds a lot of experience and skill to that midfield that Rocastle and Auvery couldn't; and is a more natural fit than Cesar. Convey has regained a little, just a little, of what made him attract clubs from overseas and with better talent around him could flourish.

Bravo was infact more influential for the team than I expected. KC were awful when he had surgery, still they were awful at that time with or without him. They turned it around when things began to click with Colin, Sinovic, Zusi and Sapong as well as Bravo; not to mention becoming more comfortable with Vermes' style and being more flexible with a 4-5-1. I predicted Bravo wouldn't score more than 10 goals in '11, he scored nine and added two assists. If I remember correctly two of the nine came from the penalty spot. Yes, those 11 goals in all he contributed to were important, but could KC get those from somewhere else, i.e. Sapong, Kamara or Bunbury or someone else? I think they could. I'd love to see Zusi, Sapong and Bunbury develop more in '12 and become the face of the club.

I'm glad to see the Jeffereson experiment end. Correct me if he was injuried for most of his time, but I don't remember him making much of an impact and nowhere near the influence Zusi had.

Hopefully, in 2012 SKC can build off of '11 and not have a fall off playerwise, teamwise and supportwise after getting the new stadium/supporters.

JD said...

So far I have been pretty happy with the moves SKC has made this off-season although I am sad to see Davy go. I can't help but think losing Omar would hurt deeply as he seems to be a fan favorite and was a large contributor this season. I don't want to speculate too much but considering the Convey move it would make sense that Bravo is on the way out. Although with Jefferson out too it makes for some interesting options...

Anonymous said...

All the personality clashes between Vermes and players (Bravo, Ryan Smith, Auvray) are worrisome. Smith and Auvray ones just bizarre too.

Ryan said...

Losing Omar would really hurt us. I feel like Vermes still has a lot of room to grow as a coach. You have to make good sub choices during the game. Bringing on Davy that game before Omar just didn't make sense.

I think Vermes has a great eye for new talent but doesn't seem to perform during games. We need Veteran talent like Omar and I think he would have an even better second year having had time to gel with the team. I think Jefferson could have been better and I think keeping him on as a third DP would have been a good idea so than he could train with the team in the off season. He has the touch, ability to slow down play and passing that we don't see from to many other guys in the league.

David said...

Yes, we needed Bravo more in that game. And yes, I'd like him back next year. He played with much more energy and passion than the typical DP in MLS, was a fan favorite and for me, epitomized what a professional should be.

Anonymous said...

I understand Bravo's frustrations with the playoffs. BUT he played every time he was available the entire season, and he had a very good season. So if his issues only have to do with the playoffs then it would be highly unprofessional for him to leave over that. I also think that it would be very unprofessional to leave a team after only one pretty successful season with time left on a contract just because you don't really get along with the coach unless tensions are just REALLY knock-down-drag-out bad... If he's leaving he's either a big baby or there's much more to the story behind the scenes (which is very possible). The Convey singing though doesn't necessarily speak good things to the team planning on him being around next season.