Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comets and Wings Play by Play

Here's your play by play for the game tonight between the Comets and the Wings.

Waltman, Gibson, Junge, Assadpour, Rodriguez, and Neto starting for the Comets.

Two former Comets, Jamie Harding and Jamar Beasley starting for the Wings along with Comets killer Chile Farias. Also Sonaldo Carvalho, Chris Lemons, and Frederico Moojen.

Calvin on his way out now, almost game time.

Both teams on the field now, anthem upcoming.

Wings to kick us off going from left to right on your computer monitor.

Waltman with a big early save after the Wings got open at the top of the box.

free kick by the wave is cleared out of the Comets end, but Wings come right back down. Waltman collects header and Comets possess

Alvarez has a shot sasved on the possession and Tiguinho fouls the Wings player.

Comets and Wings trading possession, niether side creating real chances.

Neto with a shot with the outside of his foot saved, and Wings possess

Waltman with the save at the other end of the field, and shortly after forced to make another. Third time the ball is over the bar for a restart.

Blue card to Wichita as Alvarez is checked into the boards.

Victor Quiroz with the card, Comets on the PP.

Shot is blocked but the Comets hold the ball in.

Rodriguez with a nice shot that almost deflects past Carvalho and into the net, but it's saved.

GOAL, ALVAREZ. 2 pointer. Comets pass the ball around and Gibson finds Alvarez open on the left, he cuts in and fires a shot low into the corner, 2-0 PP goal.

Comets win possession after the kick off, and Tiginho forces a big save that still almost squeezes in.

Comets having more of the possession right now.

Wings get numerical advantage in the Comets half, Waltman makes the first save, but Quiroz finishes the second chance and ties it at 2-2.

Tiginho fires a blast from 3 range, but it's palmed away.

Wings now with the better of the play after the tying goal.

Comets though now getting control, Alvarez forces a kick save and we're at the first quarter timeout with 6:07 left in the 1st.

Comets will have the restart at the side here.

Christiano off the underside of the bar off the restart.

Wings break and score a 3 pointer to go up 5-2.

Waltman made a mess of that one letting it go through his hands. Harding with the goal.

Neto has a shot very well saved as Carvalho gets across basically the entire goal to keep the ball out.

Comets with lots of pressure, but lots of the shots are getting blocked before they make it through 3 left in the first.

Restart for Missouri in the Wings end. But first we have an injury for the Wings defender.

Junge 3 pointer is saved, Comets keep possession and Assadpour's shot is saved right on the line.

At the other end, Waltman has to push a shot wide on the counter.

Another foul deep in the Wings end again on Quiroz.

Shots are going just wide for the Comets with a minute and a half left in the first.

Free kick at the top of the arc for MO.

Comes to nothing and the Wings break again. But Waltman collects the ball.

Two on one break, but Alvarez leads Tiginho too much and the chance is gone.

That's the end of the first quarter 5-2 Wings lead.


Remember PBP this quarter will be cut short due to media game.

Comets get us started, long effort is easily saved and the Wings possess

Header just wide by the Wings as they control to start the quarter.

Comets finally can slow the game a bit after a foul

WALTMAN with a huge save having to come out of his box and take the ball right off the foot of Beasley with a sliding tackle.

Give away by the Wings in their own end, but Tiginho can't get the shot off.

Wings win possession, but the Comets break on the counter, Assadpour leads a 2v1, feeds Rodriguez, who can't get the ball off the bottom of his foot quick enough.

Rodriguez was down hurt after that, I think it was a little bit of pride being hurt as well.

Waltman with another save on Beasley with 11 left in the half.

Comets controlling play right now, but can't find net.

9 left in the half, Wings ball.

Timeout Wings after a foul by Gibson.

Shot wide by the Wings, but they keep it in the Comets end and hold possession.

Free kick well over the bar though and Waltman will restart.

Heading out for the media game I'll be back in the second half.


Looks like I didn't miss any scoring in a very disappointing media game for myself.

Comets controlling to start second half.

Wings go for the chip, but Waltman is there.

Sosa shot deflected wide, still controlled by the Comets, but Wings defense holding.

Another shot by Sosa held.

Assadpour leads another break, takes the shot himself but it's wide of the goal.

Off the restart another shot saved by Geison. Wings break and blue card to Waltman for a hand ball outside the box. Penalty shot coming for the Wings.

Nick Kelly serving the penalty.

Farias taking the shootout.

Waltman saves the penalty as Farias tries to get cute and play to a teammate.

Waltman with another save.

Wings controlling the play on the penalty. Foul on the Comets, but a yellow coming to the Comets Waltman for delay of game.

Serving the yellow 5 minute penalty is Tanner Hunjak.

Wings score on the power play, 7-2 now Wings.

Quiroz with the goal again.

Comets come down and again have a shot blocked.

Wings counter and Gibson and Waltman save another goal each.

Comets just can't get the ball in the net right now, plenty of opportunities, but no finishing.

Watlman another big save and we're at the quarterly timeout.

Wings are caught on the break, but Geison's 3 pointer is right at the keeper.

Comets on the break, Harris gets the shot off, but a blue card is coming for Brian Cushing of the Wings.

Comes are back on the power play with 5:38 left in the 3rd.

GOAL, Comets are back in it, Alvarez with a tap in at the back post puts away the shot by Geison. 7-4 now.

Back and forth now, neither team creating chances, but getting deep into opposition territory.

Tiginho beats his defender, but again Carvalho again in the net makes the 1v1 save.

Another shot by Tiginho just wide of the post.

Wave counter but can't get a shot off.

Just over 2 left in the 3rd.

Assadpour forces another good save.

Comets still controlling with 1 minute left in the 3rd.

A lot of shots getting stuck underneath the Comets feet in the offensive third. 17 seconds left, foul on the Wings.

Waltman comes up for a late free kick, Wings block the shot, and try to chip Waltman but he makes it back in time.


Comets down by a 3 pointer heading into the 4th.


Geison cleans up a spilled shot and the Comets are within a point.

Neto squared the ball into the middle for Geison and in less than a minute the Comets are only down by a point.

Christiano headed to the penalty box after a foul. Comets on the penalty kill now.

Foul just outside the box on Harris and the Wings have a dangerous free kick.

Before they take it though they call a timeout.

12:40 left in the game, Wings with another restart.

Waltman with a save off his face Jimmy Nielsen style to keep the Wings out.

Waltman smarting from the shot to the face, and we have a timeout while he gets some treatment.

26 seconds left on the PP.

Geison has a short handed opportunity saved, but the Comets kill the penalty.

11:15 left, restart for Waltman.

Comets controlling, but having trouble beating Sonaldo.

Christiano hits the cross bar again from 3 point range.

At the other end, Junge with a big block.

Waltman save another 1v1 opportunity.

Harris takes it the other way but his 3 point shot is cleared out for a corner.

Tiginho with another 3 point shot saved.

Just under 9 left and the Comets have the restart.

Wings break with a 2 on 1 but the lead pass is too heavy and the Comets take over.

7 left, Comets still in control.

Deflected shot by Gibson is deflected over and we're at the 4th quarter official timeout.

Comets have the restart out of the timeout.

Restart is cleared and the Comets have the ball again.

Comets not letting the Wings clear their end. 5:40 left in the gam3, still 7-6 Wings.

Harris dribbles into range and let's fly but the ball is over.

5 minutes for the Comets to find another goal.

ASSADPOUR!!! TWO POINT GOAL! Alvarez played in Assadpour who calmly slotted the ball into the far post 8-7 Comets.

4:15 left in the game, Comets back in the lead.

Restart at the top of the arc for the Wings. 3:51 left.

Comets block the attempt and it's their ball as the ball deflects out.

Comets now playing some keep away.

3:10 left Foul on Harris in the corner, free kick for Wichita. Wings goalie on the field still for the moment.

Wings call a timeout before the restart, and the 6th attacker is on the field for when we restart.

A few shots deflected and out for another Wings restart. 3:01 left.

Harris counters, shot is toed away. Comets keep the ball and hit it off the under side of the cross bar again.

2 minutes left, Wings with the ball.

Geison only has the keeper to beat but his chip is wide.

1:19 left.

TIGINHO! The Brazilian breaks on the counter and slots it near post past the 6th attacker 10-7 Comets. 1:06 left.

NOT OVER YET, Comets up by 3 with just over a minute left, still time for the Wings.

Gibson heads a 3 pointer out, top of the arc shot coming with 35 seconds left.

3 pointer over with 33 seconds left, Waltman restart coming.

Geison has a shot saved off the line.

Waltman makes one last save and the Comets hold on 10-7 Comets win.

Comets now take a 3-0 lead in the Turnpike Trophy series with 3 games left. One more win and the trophy is theirs. They can win it on Friday in Wichita.

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