Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrow's Almost Here

Tomorrow is the day, the "Big News for KC" announcement down at the Power and Light District. At this point most signs and most people expect to see the team announce that the Wizards name is going away and the team will now be known as Sporting KC. It also appears the Wizards will be changing their colors and we'll be getting a new logo that you've already seen on this blog.

So tomorrow should be incredibly interesting to see how all that goes and how fans respond, there's been a lot of negativity voiced on the comments, here, on the event page on Facebook, and Bigsoccer, so it'll be interesting to see how much of that transitions over to the announcement itself tomorrow.

Today the team confirmed the rumor that had been running around, saying that Omar Bravo WILL be introduced tomorrow to KC fans for the first time. And I'd put money on him wearing the new jersey. I also wouldn't be surprised if the jersey he comes out in happens to have a jersey sponsor on it after Don Garber's comments in the State of the League today.

As I tweeted early today. For those that have read the Fox4 article (since edited), or listened to 96.5 The Buzz this morning, and read/heard that the team was discouraging fans from wearing Wizards gear, this is not true, in fact the team is actively encouraging fans to wear their Wizards gear for the announcement tomorrow.

Tomorrow, feel free to boo the announcement of the change, I know I will be. But as I said yesterday, give Robb Heineman a chance to explain why, then feel free to boo some more, but at least listen to why the team is doing it. I'm made my opinion well known on this but I am extremely interested in hearing why OnGoal is doing this and will certainly be giving Heineman my attention as he explains that portion.


Anonymous said...

Booing the announcement of the new name of the club is unnecessary and unneeded. Why don't you take the high road and give it a chance. Booing is something you may do if the team sucks on the field, but Booing a name change??? Wow.

BlacknBlueKC said...

Freedom of Speech Anon. Deal with it.

For those of us that won't be making the announcement I'm hoping for some good video, pictures, and of course a full report. Good Luck today, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know that you are going to boo....for the 600th time.

Kevin said...

Real fans don't boo.

Anonymous said...

Booing is completely justified. OnGoal is destroying the club many of us have been passionate fans of for years in order to chase after some vague idea of fake authenticity.

It saddens me that more of a stink isn't being made about this. Can you imagine what would happen if they tried this with Chicago or DC? Hell, even Colorado fans (all two of them) were able to keep their club from becoming "Arsenal Colorado". Pathetic.

Ron Bishop said...

I've gone through the 5 stages already. I'm good with whatever happens:)

I've enjoyed the Wizards' players and staff. I enjoyed the Summer of Soccer with the World Cup. The various watch parties. I like how the stadium is coming along. I'm buying more season tickets than last year and might end up shelling out some more coin to do so.

I'm along for the ride.

I guess I'm a disappointment to some columnists/bloggers/writers/fellow fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm there too, Ron.

I don't like it, at all, but in life I'm a glass-half-full kind of dude, and I just hope this means some positive changes.

What the FO and team need to start doing is focusing on their soccer. Start winning games and bring some pride back to the club. The FO dealt a blow to hardcore-fan morale, and the only way to bring that back is to win games.

Frankly, I find myself a bit excited for the new kits.

Ron Bishop said...

It going to be a "magical transformation"! (at least according to the T-shirt and scarf description)

Pablo Escobar in a Wizards jersey will step into CAB and placed under a large tarp.


Out steps Omar Bravo in a Sporting KC jersey in the stadium that has no name:)