Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hard Evidence of Name Change?

I was emailed a link to the MLS Rumors website a little bit ago, and an article about the Wizards rebranding to Sporting KC. The article claimed to have "hard evidence" of the rebranding. Curious to see what they came up with I took a look at the article, though I don't regularly visit that site for one reason or another. Anyway, I know there are a lot of people that boycott that site, so I figured I'd share their findings. From what they found out, on November 8th, MLS registered the domain "" with Network Solutions. The actual sites and have both been registered on GoDaddy as well, the site of choice for MLS.

The information basically confirms everything that I've been hearing in private conversations with people, and personally it sucks. I hate the idea of rebranding and I hate the idea of being Sporting KC. The main reason for that being that I feel nothing about the name, it's bland and generic, nothing in that gives me any thought of building a better identity in the city and the region as Robb Heineman has stated on previous occassions.

I will be booing the announcement on Wednesday when the Wizards are rebranded Sporting KC. Another rumor that has started making the rounds on Bigsoccer is that Omar Bravo will also be introduced that evening, a sly way to hopefully avoid the boos that I'm sure a few people will be throwing out when the announcement is made.

Below is the information on the registration of the site.

Cache Date: 2010-11-09
Created: 2010-11-08
Updated: 2010-11-08
Expires: 2012-11-08
Registrant:Major League Soccer LLC.
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459Drums, PA. US 18222


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Major League Soccer LLC.
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459Drums, PA 18222

Record expires on 08-Nov-2012.
Record created on 08-Nov-2010.

Domain servers in listed order:



Anonymous said...

Do you really think that booing will help? I think it's a crap way to support the team by booing, even if the name isn't liked.

Anonymous said...

"Sporting" is a horrible name, they might has well just named the team "Boring". I was never stuck on the name "Wizards" since it was just a carryover from "Wiz" (awful) and there was already an NBA team by that name so the idea of a new name was OK with me, but if it is Sporting, OnGoal blew it. Go ahead and boo.

Anonymous said...

call the whaaambulance.......

what a horrible fan. quit sniffling,pull up your pants and support your team

or just go to the announcement and throw your temper tantrum, get on tv and show the area what a big douche you can be

BlacknBlueKC said...

Believe it or not annoying Anon person(s), booing IS a show of support, it shows you CARE and have an opinion. Hot or cold, not luke warm. That's what being a supporter is. And if booing the announcement of a lame name change is "sniffling" and "throwing a temper tantrum" then I guess that is also true the the die-hard Man United supports who brand the green & gold scarves and cry for transparency with the owners or Liverpool's recent issues with past owners.

So, as for me personally I don't plan on booing the announcement, but you won't hear me cheering either. If Sporting KC is in fact the name then as soon as it's announced and the crest is show, I'll be walking to my car for the drive home.

Another thought on the side, why avoid using "Kansas City" in the actual club name? That is also head scratching to me and sounds like a lame excuse to avoid using "Kansas" in the name. Oh well, I'll just be happy there's a top flight club in town, but not sure if I'll be buying any new kits anytime soon.

Mike said...

Anon 3 why am I a horrible fan? Because I don't accept everything that OnGoal does as being the 100% right thing to do for this team?

Rebranding is wrong, and rebranding to a bland, generic, Europoser name like Sporting is worse.

Anonymous said...

Bad idea by OnGoal.

jtreg said...

Put your name to your word if you got a pair.

I'd rather sing than boo. Mighty Fucking Wizards, damn it.

drew said...

I love the American sports fan who rolls over and takes everything. Stand up against you franchise (they're not a club). In American you taught not to protest or go against the grain, but there's nothing wrong with it, it's your right and this name and rebranding is AWFUL! It'll just be the same shit run team.
Omar Bravo, give me a break. Claudio Lopez 2.0

Jeremy said...

This is completely stupid. Fans should just be blind and approve of everything??

Sporting KC or whatever is horrible. Wizards might not be great but at least it's authentic. There should be a petition started to let the team owners know this decision sucks big time.

szazzy said...

Nothing authentic about Wizards to me, it was made up in a focus group just like this name and has even less desirable connections than Europosing to me.

But, I'd rather have fans show up and boo (or cheer) then stay at home. Mike's one of the best soccer fans I know. He's going to hate the name and still be there supporting the team - my situation for years basically reversed. Hopefully he'll get to where I did, saying the name with pride down the line.

jake said...

of course the author of a blog that is devoted to all aspects of the kc wizards is going to be upset with the name change. It makes his blog, his pride, and all of his time devoted to it, and by extension himself is made irrelevant.

He is probably "that guy" every team has one. You know the guy you don't want to get caught all by yourself alone in a conversation with at a tailgate or bar. The super annoying know it all who doesn't know when to just ease up.

Its his thing. his identity. Hell I wouldn't even be surprised if his first born was named after a player.

J said...

This name blows. It's just terrible. I fully support booing. Fans are customers, and the customer is always right, right anon? And OnGoal needs to understand this is a terrible decision that its customers hate.

J said...

Jake, what are you even doing reading this blog? Go be annoying somewhere else.

Dan H said...

jake I've seen mike personally sought out at more tailgates than note by people looking to get more information about the team. Hell I've pointed a few people his way that have wanted to ask him something.

I personally enjoying talking with Mike at tailgates. But I'd bet your one of those guys that's spoken with Mike once, didn't like what he said or something and got pissy.

And I love the swipe you take at him about his son. Most fans that tailgate with him know he has a son named Conrad. Nice easy shot that is.

I'd love for you and the other people blasting Mike to say any of this to his face, but no that'd mean losing your last bit on anonymity.

jake said...

wait. his kid's name is conrad. i was totally pulling that out of my ass.


jake said...

wait. his kid's name is conrad. i was totally pulling that out of my ass.


jake said...

Ok. Ok. I am sorry. he is going to have a hard enough time dealing with wednesday that he doesn't need jack asses like me poking fun at him personally.

Maza said...

I fully espouse booing at the announcement if you are so inclined. Fight the struggle wizards fans.

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