Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Grown Player Restrictions Lifted

Some good news tonight for the expanded roster and MLS teams' youth development. It looks like MLS is set to remove the home grown player restrictions. Currently teams are allowed to sign 2 players each year. The new rule will remove all those restrictions. This now becomes a huge way to build your roster. Now if a team has multiple players in their youth system ready to move up to the first team they don't have to choose which two they want to prompt in one year. Now team's need to start really turning out the young players. The Wizards will need to step up their development as well. For example, Dallas has already prompted 4 players from their youth system. The biggest success so far has been Andy Najar with DC, the winner of the rookie of the year award this year. The Wizards already have prompted one player, Jon Kempin and could conceivably promote more next year. So the likes of Jordan Rideout and Konner Knoll could be called up to the first team next year if they the team chooses. It certainly gives the team more opportunity to have control of their own destiny in player development.

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