Friday, November 19, 2010

Vermes has Scouting Trip to Trinidad

Peter Vermes and Octavio Zambrano will be in Trinidad and Tobago in early December as guests of 1st FC Santa Rosa. While there, Vermes and Zambrano will be scouting for the upcoming season. The host club is putting together a series of trial matches for the two to watch to potentially find a Trinidadian player for the Wizards. Multiple players from Trinidad's youth teams that have played in the FIFA Youth World Cups are expected to participate, including Akeem Adams, who trialed with the Sounders, Jamal Clarence, and Matthew Bartholomew to name a few. It sounds like there will be some decent talent from Trinidad there, hopefully Sporting can find a player or two that can contribute next year.


Anonymous said...

please don't start referring to them as sporting. stick with wizards

Anonymous said...

Anon - sorry to disappoint but Mike is just being a journalist - the team is Sporting now.