Monday, November 22, 2010

Expansion Draft Lists Out

MLS just got done announcing the protected lists for each team for this week's expansion draft. I missed 2 of the Wizards protected players with my final predictions last night. I had Jonathan Leathers and Sunil Chhetri on the list, they were replaced on the final list by Matt Besler and Jimmy Nielsen. The rest of the list was not exactly surprising. Here's Sporting's protected list: Davy Arnaud, Stephane Auvray, Matt Besler, Roger Espinoza, Michael Harrington, Jack Jewsbury, Kei Kamara, Jimmy Nielsen, Craig Rocastle, Ryan Smith, and Graham Zusi. Teal Bunbury and Jon Kempin are exempt from selection.

So who does that leave available for selection? Korede Aiyegbusi, Jamar Beasley, Sunil Chhetri, Jimmy Conrad, Birahim Diop, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Aaron Hohlbein, Nikos Kounenakis, Eric Kronberg, Jonathan Leathers, Chance Myers, Shavar Thomas, and Josh Wolff. Overall, there isn't anyone on the list that jumps out as a must grab for Portland or Vancouver, unlike some other teams' available players. Of the list the most likely to be taken would seem to be either Myers or Leathers who could both slot in on the back line for either team. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot to choose from unless they want to take aging veterans like Conrad, Thomas, or Wolff, which I don't see. The rest of the exposed players didn't play much this season, Aiyegbusi got minimal minutes, Beasley and Kounenakis never saw the field, Chhetri got 45 minutes in the Open Cup qualifier, Hercegfalvi missed most of the season, Hohlbein had a disastrous game against New York and spent much of the rest of the time on loan to Miami, Kronberg got 1 league game. Then there's Diop who played 7 games and got 5 goals, but I don't think either team is going to take him based on that.

As for other potential picks for the two teams, Dax McCarty seems to be the biggest head scratcher on the list and unless he plans to go abroad and has something lined up would be my absolute first pick if I was one of the two teams. Anthony Wallace of Colorado is another name that would do well on either of those two teams. It should be interesting to see how things go in the draft, but it wouldn't surprise me to see no KC players taken.


Drew Farmer said...

I have to say my first pick would be Juan Pablo Angel, I know that's a DP and you must pay DP money; but he won't be signed back by NYRB, so why not.
Of SKC players I think Chhetri and Diop have tremendous upsides. Unless you want some experience at the back and pay Conrad as much as he'll get I wouldn't take him. Wolff isn't worth what he is paid. Myers would be a good option. I think it's a shame he hasn't been able to grow as a player in KC after being SKC number 1 pick a few years back. The draft shows the importance of the reserve league and the teams' academies as the draft is so hit and miss.

jkc said...

apparently, on the other boards, people forgot that Jimmy hasn't been the same since the boot to the head in the gold cup. Let them have Chance and throw in Chhetri too, for free.

Leah! said...

I wonder if Dax is going overseas, is the reason