Thursday, November 18, 2010

Espinoza and Myers Graduate GA

Sporting has a little extra to think about in the next coming weeks as they prepare for this year's expansion draft for Vancouver and Portland. They now have a little more to think about as today MLS announced who graduated from the Generation Adidas program this year. Two KC players graduated from the program this year, Roger Espinoza and Chance Myers.

Espinoza was expected by most fans I think as he started all the games that he was available for this year and appeared for Honduras this summer in the World Cup. The surprise though, was that Chance Myers also graduated from the program. Myers, the former number 1 draft pick, made the most appearances of his career (15), but he still played less than 1,000 for KC. He'd come into the season pegged as the starter on the right wing. But an injury the week before the first game against DC allowed Kei Kamara to start and he never gave Myers the chance to win the spot back. This was also the healthiest Myers has been in his career, his first two years were littered with injuries including only 165 minutes last year. It was surprising to see his name on the list because of this. I figured due to his injury history over his first two years he'd be left on for the 4th year of eligibility, but that did not happen.

That could possibly change who the Wizards protect in the expansion draft because now both must be protected or left exposed. Espinoza is an easy choice to put on the list and I think due to his lack of development Myers is likely seen as an easy choice to leave exposed in the expansion draft. We'll see how this turns out.


Reepicheep said...

Exposing Myers is a total no-brainer

scaryice said...

Mike, did you ever find out if Omar Bravo will have to be protected or not?

Anonymous said...

If Bravo is a DP, and I think he is, you don't have to protect them.

Hopefully Portland or Vancouver will take him off our hands and give him more opportunities to actually play.

scaryice said...

There's no rule about not protecting DPs.