Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post Season Grades

The season ended a little while ago for the Wizards (now Sporting KC), but I haven't gotten my post season grades out yet for them. The second half of the season had more bright spots than the first half, some players grades improved with the late season performance.

Korede Aiyegbusi - INC - Didn't get much more playing time than in the first half of the season, since he got an INC at midseason it seemed unfair to give him a grade when he played less in the second half of the season.

Davy Arnaud - B - Improved his grade a full letter in the second half of the season. Arnaud was a big part of the turn around, especially since he didn't get another red card the rest of the season and acted more like a captain.

Stephane Auvray - B+ - Held onto his grade from the first half of the season, Auvray was solid in the middle for KC, although late in the season you could tell his playing a stopper role in front of Jimmy Conrad and Shavar Thomas had worn him down this season.

Jamar Beasley - INC - Never made the bench, already out of MLS playing for the Comets.

Matt Besler - C - Didn't see a whole lot of time in the second half of the season after the trade for Shavar Thomas, but played well when replacing Jimmy Conrad for the last few games.

Teal Bunbury - B - Became a much more important player for the team in the second half of the season, and earned himself a call up to the US national team, a good second half of the season for the rookie.

Sunil Chhetri - INC - Got a token appearance against Manchester United to go with his 45 minute appearance in the US Open Cup and that's it for his time in KC at this point, he was loaned out to the Indian national team shortly after the United game.

Jimmy Conrad - B- - Had a better second half to the season, and while the defense caught a lot of flack this season it was one of the better defensive years ever for KC. His partnership with Shavar Thomas helped solidify the back line.

Birahim Diop - B - KC went 5-1-1 with him starting and he scored 5 goals, a very good performance for a guy who only had garbage minutes at the midway point.

Pablo Escobar - F - Better if his time here is just forgotten.

Roger Espinoza - B+ - One of the brightest spots for KC this season, the Wizards came into the season with him being the big question mark on the back line, but he turned into one of better left backs in the league. Earned himself a place at the World Cup because of it.

Michael Harrington - B+ - My defensive player of the year for KC, Harrington had a very good year at right back, I was hoping he'd earn a call up to South Africa for the friendly, but hopefully he'll get the chance in January.

Zoltan Hercegfalvi - INC - Didn't make it back from his ACL tear this season.

Aaron Hohlbein - INC - Went out on loan for most of the second half of the season, not enough minutes to warrant a grade.

Jack Jewsbury - C+ - Lost his starting spot for much of the second half after Stephane Auvray and Craig Rocastle settled themselves, but was still a very important player for KC in their late run.

Kei Kamara - B+ - Had a bit of a quieter second half of the season goal scoring wise, but added plenty of assists to help him earn this year's MVP award for the team.

Nikos Kounenakis - INC - Never appeared for the team, but unlike Jamar Beasley he at least made the bench a few times.

Eric Kronberg - INC - Finally made his first appearance in MLS and I thought held his own. I had said last season after it was apparent Kevin Hartman wasn't going to be back that I wouldn't be disappointed if Kronberg was handed the number 1 shirt and I still stand by that opinion.

Jonathan Leathers - C+ - Enough minutes to earn a grade, Leathers was solid if unspectacular playing all over the back line filling in. For much of the Wizards good run of form he was the only defender on the bench for KC.

Chance Myers - C- - Improved his grade a bit but the former first round pick hasn't shown a whole lot now in 3 years and has moved all over the field.

Jimmy Nielsen - B+ - Maybe I rated him too high at midseason and got my hopes up or maybe he just played above his level in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season Nielsen didn't seem to be as impressive, but that could also be because the defensive got better and he didn't have to be.

Craig Rocastle - B - Rocastle won me over throughout the season. I was ready to write him off, early on, but after learning how physical he could be in the midfield, he became a good destroyer d-mid for KC.

Ryan Smith - B - Smith faded a bit as the season wore on and missed the last few games for personal reasons, but he showed very well in the time he did play and on a bigger field next year should make for an interesting season for the guys that go up against him.

Shavar Thomas - B - Came in and solidified the back line, he wasn't spectacular, but he came in, did his job, and didn't make huge mistakes that caused the fans to turn on him. Which is a major upgrade over the guy whose roster spot he took (Escobar).

Josh Wolff - C - Wolff was going to have trouble coming close to replicating his season last year, but he did well accepting his role off the bench in the second half of the season and his goal against Houston will go down as one of those magical moments that fans will talk about for years.

Graham Zusi - B- - His playing time went down a bit in the second half, but I still think Zusi has a good role in this team. He has enough creativity to play in the midfield and create while also being able to push wide.


Spoon said...

To high on Jimmy. Way to many mistakes that lead to goals. C tops. Also howw can you have almost everyone on a B, yet our team was on the outside looking in at the playoffs. With those grades we should have been better than what we where.

303 said...

Yeah, agreed with Spoon. Too many B players for what was at best a C+ team. Really they spent a little less than half the season a B team and the other half an F team...

Much love to Conrad, but he hasn't been the same since being concussed at the Gold Cup, and while I have loads of respect for Wolff, I can't wait to see him go.

Reepicheep said...

Kamara and Harrington are the only legit B's on this team this year. Others had good games, but overall none merited a B but said players.

Diop had two great games and a couple other good games. Otherwise he wasn't a factor.

Jimmy C was just that this year. A "C"

Vermes should get a "D" at most.