Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leathers to Vancouver

Today was MLS' expansion draft for the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps. Unlike last year when KC were untouched by expansion side Philadelphia, Sporting lost one player this year. Jonathan Leathers was selected by the Whitecaps in the 9th round of 10. Vancouver and Portland then proceeded to trade many of their selections away for draft picks and allocation money. Leathers ended up being one of six players drafted by the Whitecaps that is currently still on the team. So all the predictions of Jimmy Conrad or Shavar Thomas being taken turned out to be false. Of all the players I had felt Leathers would have been a good choice due to his low salary and his experience in the league.

Leathers finished his KC career playing 34 league games for KC, 25 of them starts playing 2,320 minutes. In all competitions Leathers played another 10 games for KC, start 9 of them for 3,169 minutes played. In his career with KC, Leathers picked up 1 assist, in his final game for KC on a goal by Birahim Diop in their 4-1 win over San Jose. Leathers did record one goal in one of the team's reserve league games before the league was discontinued. Good luck to Jonathan next season, except against KC.


MOUFWASH said...

pretty bummed to lose him, out of the list. Even when our very solid outside backs were out, Leathers filled in greatly, like a beat wasnt even missed. I thought he did very well in as a CB as well. He is fast, has skill, and seems to get the game.

Nathan Martin said...

From a selfish point of view, there are many other Sporting players that I would have rather see go, but for Jonathan I am glad that he now has a serious shot at locking down a starting position.

That is if he hasn't been traded for the 4th time already.

Reepicheep said...

Leathers was consistently getting better. Really wish Myers would have gotten picked up over him. Best wishes to him and his future in MLS.