Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Practice Observations

Made it out to practice today and along with the interview with Kevin Hartman, I thought I'd throw out a few observations from practice today. First, the Wizards 3 long term injuries, Eric Kronberg, Chance Myers, and Adam Cristman all continue to recover and get closer to actually being back. Kronberg today was actually able to do some light diving during some keeper drills today. Myers continues his comeback, he's a week or two ahead of Cristman in his recovery and is doing more work with the ball than Cristman is. Cristman is getting closer, but he's still not able to do much running right now yet, possibly next week he'll be able to do some running.

People worried about Lance Watson's shin injury he suffered in Salt Lake can rest easy as he was practicing just fine today, with the part of shin wrapped very tightly. The one bit of worrisome news was that Josh Wolff sat out the second half of the scrimmage today with some small injury issues. They don't seem to be too serious as he played just fine in the first half of the scrimmage. When Wolff went out, Abe Thompson moved into the first team and teamed with Claudio Lopez up top. Overall I'd still expect Wolff to be starting come Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Wolff was at Fox and Hound yesterday with his family for Jimmy's show so you wouldnt think if he were nursing anything he wouldnt be out and about. Who knows though..