Thursday, May 14, 2009

SuperLiga Pay Raise

Today before the press conference, Thad was able to get a good interview with Wizards captain, Jimmy Conrad. In a portion of it, Conrad talked about SuperLiga. One of the major complaints in the past had been the "$1 million prize" for the teams and how that was misleading, as the players actually didn't split $1 million, instead they split a small portion of that amount. Conrad mentioned today in the interview that the percentage of the prize given to the players has increased from previous years. "We've settled on a total that's fair" Conrad said of the new agreement between the league and the Players Union. Conrad didn't know the exact numbers, but he said it's probably about a 10-15% increase, which really isn't that much of the current 15% (it only would be 17.5% if it was just a 15% raise), although Conrad could have misspoke and the new number is now in the 25-30% range, which would be better.

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