Thursday, May 07, 2009

Brass Season Starts this Weekend

Kansas City's PDL team, the Brass, begin their season this weekend in Colorado with a pair of games against Real Colorado Foxes. The Brass' player pool roster is not out and as always, is full of players either playing college ball in KC or originally from KC now playing college somewhere else. The roster has 9 players that were on last season's KC Wizards Juniors U19 team that finished as runners up in the national finals. Also on the roster is another Juniors player as well as a player from the DC United youth system. The first home game of the season for the Brass is a week from Sunday, May 17th against the St. Louis Lions.


Sam said...

I heard the Kuhn kid can play a little bit. Where did he pick up those silky moves?

Mike said...

I'd like to say it comes from his older brother, but honestly that's not really true, other than when I could beat him in the backyard back when we were younger.