Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekly Player Interviews

Yesterday after the Wizards game against the Brass, Thad and I had a chance to interview this week's poll winner, Michael Kraus, and runner up, Roger Espinoza. Kraus talked about what he needs to do to get more playing time with the first team. He talked about his versatility and how that helps him on the field (he played right back against the Brass). Kraus also talked about Josh Wolff and Claudio Lopez and how he's learned from them and what they've taught him.

With Espinoza, Thad and I spent much of the interview talking about his recent call up to the Honduran national team again. He talked about the training that he gets with the Honduran team compared to that with the Wizards. Espinoza talked about his hope to get some playing time in this set of qualifiers and how Honduras is going to do overall in qualifying. He talked about bit about the upcoming game against the United States in Chicago and who Honduras needs to watch out for in the match. We then moved onto his Wizards career and how he feels it's developed so far. He talks about how Coach Onalfo has helped him to develop as a player. We spent some time talking about the two red cards in the last game and how the team adjusted to playing 2 men down. Finally we talked a little bit about Espinoza's two red cards last season and if he felt that gave people the impression that he was a dirty player.

Enjoy both set of interviews.

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