Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wizards to have SuperLiga in St. Louis

So this is a rumor that's been making the rounds for a while now. Rumor has been that the Wizards were planning on hosting one of their "home" SuperLiga games in St. Louis at Hermann Stadium on the SLU campus. Now there is confirmation of that rumor from a news source, the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Tom Timmermann says that while the deal has not been finalized, it looks like it could be confirmed as early as tomorrow. The game would take place June 21st against a yet to be determined Mexican league team. This is a different version than the last rumor on this I'd heard, which was that the game in St. Louis would be against New England, not a team from Mexico. The reason given for the move is because the T-Bones are at home that day for a league game.

As someone who has been waiting for the return of a competitive international game between the Wizards and a foreign club to return to KC, this is very disappointing. I'm greedy and selfish, I want these games to be in KC because I think the KC fans deserve to have these games in KC. The main argument against my line of thinking is that this game is only about 3 hours away for KC fans. Still how many St. Louis fans regularly come to KC for games? So how likely is it for KC fans to make the trek across the state for a SuperLiga game? I'm not happy about this idea at all, especially the idea of it being one of the Mexican league games. The rumor of it being New England didn't bother me as much because I've seen New England play plenty of times. And with guys like Taylor Twellman and Steve Ralston both from that side of the state and on New England's roster it made sense to have that game there. But to move a game against one of the Mexican league teams sucks.


Reepicheep said...

Total crap to move this game. Very disappointing.

minnichmj said...

I 2nd that statement. I have a ticket already lined up for the match against a Mexican club, will KC fans be forced to use that ticket for a match in St. Louis?

Mike said...

matt, that I do not know. I will be pissed if they use one of the season ticket holders special game tickets for this match.

Herschel said...

This sucks. If they can't play at the CAB how about KU campus if they are afraid of looking "not professional" at Shawnee Mission. 4 hour drive for fans who support this team although they are playing less than stellar soccer is a slap in the face. The first real competitive international game in years in St. Louis; way to go FO.

Anonymous said...

OK boys, time to exhale and take a step back. Your faces are turning purple.

Can I suggest we wait until we see the official FO release with all the details before we go ballistic.

And Matt, which game do you have a ticket for? Cause as far as I know, no Superlega games have gone on sale.

Anonymous said...

If the FO puts the game in STL and says "hope you can make it" then that would be pretty poor. However, if the FO put together busses to get KC fans to and from STL then that could be rather cool.

Is it as ideal as having it in KC? No... but at the same time, until Arrowhead or Hillcrest Road is available, having it in KC is also not as ideal (CAB would be 'ok' but not ideal either). It may not even be the FO's decision to have the game in KC if Arrowhead/CAB are unavailable - the league/Superliga folks may be forcing the issue.

I do agree that KU should be considered as well, but, if done 'right', going to STL may not be the worst thing in the world.