Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kevin Hartman Interview

Wizards goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman won this week's interview poll and today out at practice I got the chance to talk with Hartman. I was able to ask him about him recently setting the consecutive minutes played record along with his second streak of over 90 consecutive games started and what's led to his longevity. Hartman also talks about last weekend's game in Salt Lake, the first regular season loss in Rio Tinto for RSL, Hartman's first win in Salt Lake. Finally Hartman talks about the coming week's game at home against Chivas. Enjoy.

This audio interview is from imeem, and they've recently changed the way you listen to the audio. By hitting the play button you only get to hear the first 30 seconds. If you click on "play the full song here" in the imeem audio box you should be able to hear the full audio.

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