Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday After Stats

Lots of stats from last night's game, milestone appearance, milestone minutes played, milestone goals, almost every kind of stat you could ask for.

Last night was Davy Arnaud's 200th appearance in all competitions for KC.

Last night was also Josh Wolff's 100th appearance for KC in league play.

It was Wolff's 93rd league start for KC, tying him with Mark Chung for 16th on that list.

Wolff's 112th appearance in all competitions with the Wizards, breaking a tie with Digital Takawira for 18th on the all time list.

In the 70th minute, Wolff passed Mark Chung to move into 17th place for minutes played in league play. Wolff finished the game with 8,289 minutes played.

In the 32nd minute, Wolff passed Mark Chung for minutes played in competitive games for the Wizards, moving into 18th place. In the 48th minute, he passed Sasha Victorine for 17th place on the all time list, Wolff finished the game with 9,226 minutes played.

Jimmy Conrad in the 39th minute went over the 25,000 minutes in all competitions in his MLS career.

Claudio Lopez's goal was his 10th in all competitions for the Wizards.

Jack Jewsbury's assist on Wolff's goal was his 18th for the Wizards in league play, breaking a tie with Matt McKeon and Jose Burciaga Jr for 10th place.

Jewsbury's appearance was his 105th league start, breaking a tie with Sean Bowers for 13th on that list.

In the 41st minute, Jewsbury moved past Diego Gutierrez for the 10th most minutes played in the league for KC. Jewsbury finished the game with 9,811 minutes played.

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