Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why St. Louis?

I've received a few emails today asking why the SuperLiga game against Atlas is being played in St. Louis and not in Kansas City. I've been told that there are a few reasons why the Wizards will be playing this game on the opposite side of the state.

1. The obvious reason is that Community America Ballpark is unavailable due to the T-Bones already having a home game scheduled for that date.

2. The dates for SuperLiga have been set in stone by MLS, FMF, and SUM so there is no way the date of the game can be moved.

3. Arrowhead is out due to the current renovations.

4. The site has to allow beer and liquor advertisements to be put up. This rules out all high school sites around the city including ODAC, BVAC, CBAC, and Ray-Pec.

5. The site has to be a grass facility without football lines. This rules out the home of the KC Brass, William Jewell, Rockhurst University, and MU.

6. The facility has to be wide enough, which rules out a short trip to Lawrence and KU.

I'm not overly happy about it like many of you, but it's the unfortunate situation KC is in without a soccer specific stadium.


Reepicheep said...

Honestly, why on earth can't the T-Bones do a double header or otherwise change their schedule for this?

The Wizards at CAB has brought more seating for the T-Bones, not to mention lots of awareness. I know several people who have gone to Wizards games and have subsequently come out to T-Bones games having been to CAB, etc.

It would be nice for the T-Bones to flex on this.

Instead, the Wizards will have 200-300 hometown fans at the game.

It's crap.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about 200-300 fans at the game. If played right, this may be an opportunity for Kansas City to expand its awareness and also for St. Louis to generate a little more interest in a team.

I plan on driving from Kentucky to attend my first Wizards game in St. Louis. Take that for whatever its worth.

Nutabaq said...

Agree with Anonymous

this could be an opportunity to grow the fan base (but since the team isn't available on regional TV.... sigh)...

joelo said...

This is great! It's Fathers day - we have 8 going to the game! Go "Stars" oops "Wizards"