Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wizards Win Saturn Cup

The Wizards won the Saturn Cup tonight on the back of a Jimmy Conrad header off of a Carlos Marinelli free kick in the 65th minute. To defeat Real Salt Lake 1-0. A full play by play of the game can be found on Hillcrest Road. The Wizards fielded their starting lineup, which looked like this:

Hartman, Jewsbury, Conrad (Hohlbein 82), Wahl, Myers, Zavagnin, Marinelli (Morsink 74), Pore, Harrington, Colombano (Sealy 46), Trujillo

I'll have a full update later. It was a great game, a decent crowd in Oklahoma City for the game. While the game lacked in chances it was still a fun roadtrip for those that went to start the season.

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