Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wizards Reserves Lose in OK

After the Wizards starters beat Real Salt Lake on Saturday night, the reserves had their last preseason game of the season, taking on Southern Methodist University. The Wizards ended up losing 1-0, but dominated the game, and only some very good goalkeeping by the SMU goalie and the post denied the Wizards. Due to injuries, there were 5 guest players playing with the reserves, including two from the recent open tryouts, Kevin Souter and Nelson Pizzaro as well as having Boris Pardo play as a field player in the game. Here's the full lineup, that included the debut of Andrew Kartunen in net.

Kronberg (Kartunen 46), Pizarro, Hohlbein, Howard (K. Nekuda 83), Kraus, Leathers, Lowery (A. Nekuda 83), Morsink, Souter, Victorine (Pardo 83), Sealy (Colombano 46)

A funny note about the game, Sasha Victorine wore number 32 last night instead of his standard number9.

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