Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wizards Win Opener

Death, taxes, and beating DC to open the season. Those are the three assured things for the Wizards the past two seasons. Last night the Wizards opened their 2008 season on a high as their two new forward signings, Ivan Trujillo and Claudio Lopez both scored to lead the Wizards to a 2-0 win.

The first half was back and forth, as both DC and KC had good chances to score. Kevin Hartman did the most of the two keepers to keep it scoreless though, punching away a free kick, and then knocking away a bullet of a shot from DC forward Luciano Emilio.

To start the second half, though, it was the Wizards that dictated the tempo, and only 2 minutes into the second half, Michael Harrington's cross was touched by Jack Jewsbury into the path of Trujillo who slotted the ball inside the near post of Zach Wells to make it 1-0 Wizards. DC tried to bring the game back to the Wizards, but had a goal called back due to offsides. Almost immediately after that, the Wizards put themselves up 2-0, as Ryan Pore lofted a ball over the top to Lopez, who calmly chipped Wells to make it 2-0.

Wizards Man of the Match - Kevin Hartman - Hartman is leaner and meaner this year, he had two big saves in the first half that kept the score at 0-0, and helped to organize the Wizards inexperienced back line.
Honorable Mention - Claudio Lopez, Ivan Trujillo


Reepicheep said...

Very entertaining game. Great way to start the season.

I thought it was interesting to start Jewsbury at right HB instead of on D in place of the injured Chance Meyer. Leathers seemed to struggle.

Overall, pretty cool game.

Anonymous said...

I sort of agree, although I thought he Leathers picked it up as the game went on. DC definitively noticed and came down that wing in the first half.

Michael Harrington was a STUD, what position exaclty was he playing? Defensive center mid?

Food for thought, it would be nice to see Lopez mixing up his runs and checking to the ball.

Great way to start the season.

Made DC look like crap

Anonymous said...

Great save in the first half by Mr Hartman. the game would of been probably been different if not for that save