Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Wizards News

Nothing major to report on today, just a few little bits of news that I wanted to touch on about the Wizards.

First, is an update on The Jimmy Conrad Show this season. As I mentioned earlier, the show will be on 810 AM this year. The time I'd originally posted was wrong. Over on Hillcrest Road, they have a list of the first 5 show times. They're all 8-9 pm, except for the show on 4/16, which is at 7-8 pm.

The other thing I wanted to post on, is the fact that the Wizards have released their game themes for each game this year, including some of the give aways that will occur this season. There will be a mix of adult and kid themed games this season. You can see the full list for each game over on the Wizards website.

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