Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wizards Take a Draw

The Wizards didn't score for the first time during their tour of Argentina this preseason. Today, the Wizards drew with Argentine second division side, Platense, 0-0. The game was divided into 3 30 minute periods today. Many of the starters played only about 30 minutes, with reserves getting the majority of the time. The starting line up was basically what you'd expect for the season opener, minus Kevin Hartman, Claudio Lopez and/or Scott Sealy. Eric Kronberg and Boris Pardo split time in net. After this results, the Wizards are 4-0-1 in Argentina and 5-2-3 in their preseason. Tomorrow the team plays San Lorenzo, and according to Hillcrest, the starters will get most of the time.

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