Friday, March 07, 2008

Wizards Win Again

The Wizards were supposed to play River Plate today, but for some reason they backed out at the last minute. Instead, the Wizards played Deportivo Moron. Moron plays in what amounts to the Argentine third division. The Wizards won 5-1, with two goals coming from new signing Ivan Trujillo. His first was a tap in, in the 8th minute. Carlos Marinelli doubled the lead in the 12th minute on an individual effort. Trujillo's second came in the 20th minute on another tap in, again set up by Scott Sealy. Jack Jewsbury made it 4 in the 36th on a free kick, before Moron pulled on back in the 40th. The Wizards made wholesale changes at half time, with everyone but Ryan Pore being subbed out at the half. In the 72nd, Eloy Colombano made it 5-1 on a header after a cross from Jon Leathers.

Finally we get some goals, even if it was against a lower league opponent. It's also great to see goals from the new signing Trujillo. Good news from the team today.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Deportivo Moron.