Friday, March 07, 2008

Warning on Lopez

I'm excited as the next Wizards fan at the news that it looks like Claudio Lopez will be signing with the Wizards. That said, my excitement was dampened by this article that I found. Basically, Lopez talks about the fact that he wanted to end his career at Racing Club, but that it wasn't going to work out that way for him. The part that worries me, is that Lopez is already starting to think about retirement and his life after soccer. "Son mis últimos años en el fútbol" basically translates to "These are my last years in soccer." Not a good sign to have your soon to be designated player already looking towards retirement. Hopefully he already realizes that the league isn't a push over and that he'll have to work in this league. Otherwise this DP signing will turn out less like Juan Pablo Angel and more like Denilson.


Reepicheep said...

Do we know what Lopez will make?

He hasn't been playing full games with Racing. He's been a late sub in most games. Still scoring some goals though.

He is in his last years, there really is no doubt about that.

I just hope we're not paying too much for him.

Mike said...

No clue on exactly what he'll make yet. Porter said he'd make way more then the $400K that qualifies him as a DP. I'd guess in the $750K-$800K range. But that's a complete guess.

Anonymous said...

I am a little worried about the possibility that he thinks he is retired and getting one more paycheck as well. I hope he will come out to prove Racing wrong and score a ton of goals for us but we will have to see how it goes.

For now I am excited and happy to see him signed and in camp.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can deny Lopez's caliber, however $750-to 800K is a heck of a lot of money when you consider that the Wiz pay an acum 2.6M give or take. I hope he scores a lot and I don't have a problem with him bein a 60min player, but here is the major difference that I see with foreign older players:

Argentine soccer- skilled and some what fast

Angel- EPL- Skilled and REALLY fast- easier transition