Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Contract for DiCicco

George Shook over at the Kansas City Soccer Review has filed a report from practice today. Some good information in there, but the point I want to focus on, is the fact that Andrew DiCicco, son of former US women's coach, Tony DiCicco, was not offered a contract with the team. DiCicco had 3 goals in preseason with the team, but those 3 goals were not enough to get DiCicco a contract. He was just a victim of the numbers game at forward. With the signing of Claudio Lopez and Ivan Trujillo, DiCicco likely would have been 5th or even 6th on the depth chart at forward (behind Lopez, Trujillo, Scott Sealy, Ryan Pore, and even Davy Arnaud). It just didn't look to work out for him. With how long he hung around though, you would think that DiCicco would be able to hook on with at least a USL-1 team if he wanted to.


Reepicheep said...

Too bad. I think Pore has had his chance. Was looking like DiCicco's time to get his.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty shocked, I thought that with the production he was getting, he was a sure thing.

Best of luck to him - I was/will be rooting for him at least.

Anonymous said...

I am sure with his performance during the pre-season and his father's connections he should not have a problem finding a team. Who do you guys think will take the last spots on the roster?