Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kings Prepare for Nationals

The Kansas City Kings are arriving early to the national finals in Fredericksburg to prepare. The league is calling them one of the favorites for the finals this weekend. After winning the Midwest Division, the Kings have now been grouped with Monterrey and Performance FC in Group C. Monterrey won the International finals, while Performance FC won the Southeast. They'll play Monterrey first, on Friday the 14th at 3 pm. And will then play Performance FC at 4:40. Then depending on how they do, the Kings will play a third time on Firday, or play Saturday morning. The entire tournament will be over by Saturday night.

Friday - 3pm vs Monterrey
Friday - 4:40pm vs Performance FC
Elimination Games
Friday - 8:10pm D2 vs C3
Friday - 8:10pm C2 vs D3
Saturday - 10am A1 vs D2-C3 winner
Saturday - 10am B1 vs C2-D3 winner
Saturday - 10:50am C1 vs A2-B3 winner
Saturday - 1pm - 10 am winners
Saturday - 1:50pm - 10:50 am winners
Saturday - 6pm

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Anonymous said...

Let's go KC..start out the season right. Kings PASL Champs...Wizards MLS Champs..sounds good to me.