Thursday, March 06, 2008

Conrad the Author is Back

Jimmy Conrad the author is back with a new article up on ESPN Soccernet. He does another interview, this time with the talented soccer player, himself. Yes, after much debate with himself, he decided to ask himself 15 questions, with some humorous answers.

Some highlights.

1. What did you do for your birthday?

What I said: Not much. I was in Florida with the Wizards and I was doing my best to not let anyone know that I had become a 30-something. I'm like a dinosaur compared to some of these young guys on our team now. Of course, let it be known, I am a dinosaur that crushes them in fitness.

What I should have said: I rented a stretch limo to take all of us down to South Beach and we partied like it was 1999. We made the rookies dance on tables as part of their initiation and Davy Arnaud and Jack Jewsbury sang a duet to "[I've had] the Time of my Life," at the karaoke bar. Davy nailed the female lead with surprising range.

21. Who's got the goofiest time-killing off-the-field hobby? Someone on the team knits, right?

What I said: I know quite a few players who have such a serious Halo addiction that they talk trash to their opponents through their headsets. Mind you, these opponents are 11 years old and are dominating these players, who will remain nameless, with relative ease.

What I should have said: Do you consider Kerry Zavagnin modeling women's lingerie a hobby?

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Anonymous said...

But when will Conrad the mathematician return?