Friday, March 14, 2008

Wizards Drop Final Argentina Game

The Wizards lost their last game down in Argentina today, their first of the trip, 3-0 to Estudiantes. It was the team's first loss, since they lost to Toronto on their last preseason game in Florida. The team will be returning to KC tonight, and will be off until Tuesday, when the team will return to training at their Swope Park training facility. The starters played at least 60 minutes, and unless the paper work for Claudio Lopez gets done quickly, I'd expect this to be the lineup out on the field the 29th against DC United.

Hartman, Jewsbury, Conrad, Wahl (Hohlbein 60), Myers (Leathers 60), Zavagnin, Marinelli (Morsink 60), Pore, Harrington, Sealy (Colombano 60), Trujillo (DiCicco 60)

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