Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Johnson Turned Down Derby

Over a week after I posted on this blog that Eddie Johnson was the one that turned down the move to Derby County of the English Premier League, major news outlets are picking up on the story. The KC Star and Soccernet both have articles about Eddie turning down the move.

My opinion on the situation has not changed, I'm glad Eddie is staying. With the season he is having, he's likely gonna get a better offer in January then what Derby was offering for him. I also think that his daughter played a role in his decision. Eddie said that he went with his heart, and a child can be a big pull on your heart. I still think he will move to Europe sooner rather then later, he's stated before that he wants to play in Europe, but I think that with his confidence where it's at and the freedom he has on the field under Coach Onalfo is not something that Eddie is quite ready to give up.


Anonymous said...

Good job Eddie. If Eddie leaves for Europe I hope it's with better than a half-cocked second tier team like Derby County.

He'll probably end the season as the MLS goal leader and is sitting pretty to get many caps as striker for the US team.

His talent is more than a Derby deserves.

Anonymous said...

Never, if Eddie came to us, He would be playing week in and week out, after a few seasons then he can decide if we are not good enough.

Put you head where your heart is.