Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rumors of Our Success Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The last month has not been a good time for the Wizards. Since Eddie Johnson left for the Gold Cup, after his hattrick in the Wizards 3-2 win over New York, the Wizards have not won. That continued today as the Wizards lost 1-0 to DC United in a noon kickoff on the 4th of July. The Wizards again shot the ball over 20 times today, but this time the Wizards couldn't score one goal. Twenty one shots, 4 by both Sasha Victorine and Scott Sealy, and the Wizards could not find a single goal. Luciano Emilio found the winner just before the end of the first half.

The Wizards offensive struggles are very worrisome. Since Johnson left, the Wizards forwards have scored 2 goals, both by Yura Movsisyan, both in the same game, the first game after Johnson left. In the 4 games since, the Wizards have only scored 2 goals, one from a defender and one from a midfielder. Johnson has shown how important he is to the team in the past 5 games, without even playing a minute. Movsisyan still has trouble with his shooting, he takes too long to shoot the ball quite a few times, and any time he gets the ball around the 18 yard box, you can expect him to either take the shot or lose the ball, cause he sure ain't passing it.

The rust is coming off of Sealy, but his form is still crap, he had another couple breakaways 1 on 1 with Troy Perkins today and still couldn't score. Wizards fans have got to be hoping that Eloy Colombano is signed soon, or this team is in even more trouble.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Troy Perkins - DC - While the Wizards shooting didn't do them any favors, Perkins played well today, coming up with some great stops on breakaways.
2. Luciano Emilio - DC - DC's goalscorer continues to work his way up the scoring list, he's now only one goal behind Johnson and Juan Pablo Angel.
3. Michael Harrington - KC - Wizards best player today. Playing at left back for Jose Burciaga today, Harrington still found ways to get into the attack, although the Wizards offense rarely found him when he made his runs.

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bfos said...

I agree on Sealy, although I don't know if it's a matter of shaking off rust as it's actually just the fact that no one could continue being as worthless as he had been. Hopefully, it is just rust. I'm just not yet sold, as he was still bad.

Yura was equally bad today. Maybe creating a few more chances than Sealy, but missing out on (probably) easier opportunities. I do like that he's continuing to shoot hard. I can't stand watching Davey dribbling balls towards the net (although I love the rest of his game).