Monday, July 30, 2007

Fines, Suspensions Handed Down from League

The results of what was said and done during the KC-Colorado game a few weeks ago have finally been made known by the league. The biggest news, is that Mehdi Ballouchy is getting a 2 game suspension and a $1000 fine for his high elbow on Sasha Victorine right at half time of the match. Honestly I'm disappointed that it was only 2 games. Andy Herron was given a four game suspension for a similar elbow to New England's Jay Heaps earlier this season. I felt Ballouchy deserved at least the same length of suspension that Herron got for that elbow.

Curt Onalfo and Nick Garcia were also given fines. They both got fined for their post game comments criticizing the refereeing of the match. Onalfo was handed a $1000 fine while Garcia got a $250 fine. I posted their videos in my post game report of the game. Honestly it doesn't surprise me that either one got fined for their comments. Onalfo especially, as he was very critical of the referee's performance.

Finally Tim Weyland, the referee for the Colorado game may have gotten a suspension as well. Going into this weekend, I thought I'd read that Weyland was suspose to be doing the Chicago-Toronto game this weekend. Well if you look at the post game report, you'll see that Jair Marrufo refereed the match. I can't confirm that as the preview put up by MLS is not available anymore to see. It would not surprise me though if he was taken off the game, Weyland lost control in the game and it got incredibly out of hand.

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