Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Johnson to EPL?

A new rumor has surfaced on the blog, MLS Underground pertaining to Wizards forward, Eddie Johnson. Apparently the rumor is that newly promoted club, Derby County is looking to sign Johnson. Derby was the same club that had made an offer for Wizards forward Josh Wolff last season. That deal didn't go through due to work permit issues for Wolff. The Johnson deal according to MLS Underground would be worth more than the $4 million deal that Benfica offered for Johnson back in 2005.

From a quick search of the net, I haven't found anything more then what's posted on MLS Underground. The only other thing I've found, was on a Derby County board, where the rumor is being discussed as well. I'll keep looking and see if I can find something more credible stating this rumor.

Personally I don't like this move for the Wizards. We've seen the last month or so that this team needs Eddie Johnson on the field, and him leaving would leave a huge hole up top that I doubt Eloy Colombano, or anyone else the Wizards would probably bring in could fill. I'm being a selfish fan here, but I don't want this move to happen.

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