Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stadium Plans for Wizards Coming Soon

It looks like Lane4 Property Group, the group hired by the Wizards to look into the development of the Bannister Mall location, are on the verge of being able to release the plans that they have for the site. As has been known, the group plan on applying for Tax Incentive Financing(TIF) for the location. According to the article, that means that they'll have to submit their plan 45 days before the issue can be discussed at a TIF Commission meeting, which meets the first Tuesday of the month.

For the October meeting, which the group is likely shooting for, the plan would need to be submitted by the 26th of August, if I have my math right. So dealings with the Bannister Mall, things are starting to look bright.

After the issues in DC, though, the Wizards don't seem to be throwing all their eggs into one basket, the article also has quotes from Wizards President Robb Heineman, saying that the team is not just looking at the Bannister site, that there are also other sites in Kansas that the team are looking at. This is a good plan, they don't want to lock themselves into one plan and then have it fall apart on them, like Heineman says in the article: “We will not be homed in on one site until we’ve got a deal done. We’ve got no incentive to. There are multiple options, and we’ve got to keep them all on the table for now.”

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