Thursday, July 05, 2007

Player of the Month - June

I've delayed writing this, as I've been trying to figure out who was worth giving it to. When the 3 finalists were posted on bigsoccer, I didn't think either of the 3 choices were worth choosing.

Yura Movsisyan scored 2 goals in the month of June. Those 2 goals came in the same game, though. Outside that I didn't see him doing anything worthy of giving him the man of the month award.

Nick Garcia certainly wasn't deserving of it in my opinion. In the month of June, the Wizards gave up 8 goals, an average of 2 goals a game. With that kind of goals against average, I don't think that the player of the month award needs to go to a defender.

Carlos Marinelli certainly was more deserving then the other 2 choices, but he just didn't seem worthy of it either. Marinelli finished the month with 2 assists.

After thinking about these 3 choices, I almost thought about not handing out an award this month, but that's not right as a fan of the team. In the end I decided to give the award to Marinelli, same as the team and Cauldron did. Marinelli played well this month overall, giving defenses fits all season. That said, I'd like to see him turning defenders inside out closer to goal then he has so far this season.

US Bow Out of Copa America
After the US was eliminated from Copa America before they even stepped on the field tonight, the US lost their last group game 1-0 to Colombia. Eddie Johnson started for the US, but Jimmy Conrad was on the bench and did not play. The US gave up an early goal, and never really had a very threatening attack. The good news is that Johnson and Conrad will be back soon.

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