Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wizards Jersey

Today in the KC Star, Wizards Notebook, there was quite a bit of talk about the Wizards uniform. The most interesting part, was the fact that the Wizards have apparently had 4 "good discussions" with possible jersey sponsors, according to Greg Cotton, Wizards executive vice president. The article mentions possibilities like Cerner, Garmin and Hallmark as some of the authors ideas for a sponsor. Last year when it was announced that teams would be allowed to have kit sponsors on the front of the jersey's there were a lot of discussion on the Wizards boards on bigsoccer, including mocked Wizards jerseys with local sponsors on them. I can't find the thread now, but here's one of my favorite ones, for Boulevard.

Continuing in the article, Cotton also mentioned that the Wizards are looking at having a third jersey for next season. Let's hope it's good, like Chicago's flag jersey, and not like their McDonald's wannabe jersey.

There's also some good news buried on the second page of that article, apparently the Wizards are hoping to make announcements on both their location for next season, and plans for a SSS in the KC area. Cotton says hopefully by the end of the summer. This is fantastic news, I hope it comes out sooner rather then later, with the news that DC's Popular Point stadium location fell through, MLS needs some positive stadium news to help lift spirits.

Overall a lot of good news coming out of that article today, let's hope for more good news by the end of the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Good news on a potential shirt sponsor. I still like that Boulevard one.

A stadium announcement? Yawnnnnnn. I believe it when I hear it.

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