Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mid Season Player Grades

With Saturday's result in LA, the Wizards are now half way through their 30 game season. The Wizards are 6-5-4 through 15 games, with 22 points. Last year through 15 games, the Wizards had as many wins, but had lost 2 more games, to sit at 6-7-2, 20 points. Now that we're half way through the season, it's time to grade the players performance so far this season.


Kevin Hartman: An upgrade to Bo Oshoniyi in net, Hartman has had a rough go of it at times due to the Wizards more attacking style this season. But I feel much more confident with him back there then with Oshoniyi. B


Jimmy Conrad: With the new offensive minded system, the Wizards stifling defense has seen some changes, but Conrad is still one of the best defenders in the league. B+

Aaron Hohlbein: Aaron has played well in the limited time he has had this season, filling in for both Garcia and Conrad. He still looks green at times, but he's become a very serviceable back up. B

Nick Garcia: Nick has definitely seemed to have lost a step from seasons past, he's still an
under appreciated center back. B-

Jack Jewsbury: The converted midfielder has settled pretty well into the starting right back role. While he still has his troubles, he's definitely been our best option at that position this season. B-

Jose Burciaga Jr: Jose hasn't had the offensive numbers of the past, and his defense hasn't stepped up the way I think many fans were wanting him to. He's also struggled a bit with a shoulder injury that has forced him to miss time this season. C

Tyson Wahl: He looked decent against New England, but hasn't looked as good in his other appearances this season. He's not really an MLS caliber defender, he's 4th on the depth chart for center back, and with the summer tournaments over, hopefully won't be seeing much more of the field. C-

Ryan Raybould: Raybould has played a grand total of 57 minutes this season, in both the midfield and as a defender. INC.


Michael Harrington: The Wizards first round draft pick, has been a huge revilation. Easily one of the best rookies in the league this season. A

Carlos Marinelli
: The Wizards attacking midfielder has brought a creative presence on the field that the team hasn't seen since Preki was wearing Wizards blue. That said, too much of his creativeness it taking place too far away from goal, I'd like to see it closer to the goal. A-

Davy Arnaud
: Davy has played like Davy does, with hustle and determination on the field. That only gets you so far, and while he continues to be a fan favorite, he hasn't been getting the stats that many were expecting from him this year. B+

Kerry Zavagnin: Zavagnin has had a resurgence this season, helping solidify the midfield and helping to cover for the more offensive minded attack. He's even gotten into the attack, scoring his first two goals since 2003. B+

Sasha Victorine: Victorine has been one of the Wizards more consistent performers this season, he's tied for the team lead in assists this season with 4. B

Kurt Morsink: Has usually been the first midfielder off the bench this season, as a third round pick, you can't expect much more. B-

Will John: John's played 25 minutes this season. INC.


Eddie Johnson: It could be that my expectations were extremely low for Johnson coming into this season, or it could be that Johnson really is having an MVP like season. Nine goals so far this season, and the way the offense has struggled without him, shows how important he is to this team. A+

Yura Movsisyan: Has played much better this season than he did last season when he was extremely underwhelming. He's certainly played better and with Scott Sealy's poor form, has been the Wizards second best forward. I still have my doubts about him though, as he takes too much time on the ball and his shot selection still leaves something to be desired. B-

Ryan Pore: Pore has gotten more of time on the field in the absence of Johnson, but has yet to find net for the Wizards this season. C

Scott Sealy: Started out the season looking good against DC, getting a goal and an assist, but then an ankle injury in the US Open Cup qualifier put him on the shelf for a few weeks. Sealy just now seems to be getting the rust off after the injury. D


Curt Onalfo: Came out of the gate fast, and the Wizards are now definitely a team that sends numbers forward and attack. Even though the team's on a slide, they look completely different this season then they did last year under Gansler. B+

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