Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

The whole thing about the Cauldron tickets has had me not spending as much time on other topics. Anyways, here's a few Wizards related notes from the past few days, "In Case You Missed It."

Eloy Colombano update. It's been quiet on this front, not much news has been reported lately, and he hasn't been seen since this picture was taken at the Toronto FC match July 1 by Yellow Card Journalism photographer, Wade Jackson. After questions on bigsoccer wondering what was going on, Wizards president, Robb Heineman posted in the thread saying that they are just waiting on a work permit for the Argentine forward.

Eddie Johnson to Porto? I've chronicled the possibly move by Eddie Johnson to Derby, which apparently ended in Johnson nixing the move to the promoted side, but Steve Davis, with ESPN, has another rumor that was making the rounds at the All Star game this past week. According to Davis, the two time defending Portuguese Liga champions are interested in the Wizards striker. While I see a move for Eddie coming, I hope it is at the end of the season, after spending the rest of the season with KC. I think Eddie realizes that if he continues to play well this season, he'll start getting more attention then what he is now. The funny thing about the Porto rumor, is that in the same article has Freddy Adu rumored to be going to Portuguese club Benfica.

Back to the previous topic for a minute. Thanks to an anonymous poster on my last post, there's another blog that has picked up the whole discussion on this blog from the past few days. The blog, Baines Thought Collective, makes some good points about the ticket price issue, as well as the comped tickets issue. Very nicely done article, let's hope he keeps the blog up.

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