Thursday, July 12, 2007

Johnson to Derby County Looks Dead

Not counting Goff's comment yesterday, I've been waiting 2 days for a credible news story on Eddie Johnson's possible move to Derby County. And today I get two of them, posted within hours of each other. The first article is from the English site, This is Derbyshire, talking about Derby's interest in the Wizards striker.

After that article was posted, came this article from American Soccer Daily, which basically states that the deal is dead, and that MLS was asking for too much money for Johnson. So it looks like Johnson will be staying with the Wizards for the the immediate future, as Goff said yesterday.

This doesn't bother me in the least, maybe I'm a bit selfish about the Wizards over the US National team, cause Johnson going to Europe would certainly help the national team, but I want the Wizards to win trophies, they're my first love, and if that means the US "suffers" cause Johnson stays with the Wizards through at least the rest of the season, that's fine with me.

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