Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Latest From Heineman

Last night on Bigsoccer, Robb Heineman gave another offseason update for fans with regards to what is going on with the team and their search for players to improve the team in the 2011 season. Heineman talks about the recent trip to Tinidad for the games down there, saying they've found a few players to bring in for preseason, thanks to Thad we know 2 of those players, Daneil Cyrus and Sheldon Bateau, both players from Trinidad, Cyrus plays for Caledonia AIA, Bateau plays for San Juan Jabloteh, both teams are in the Trinidad Pro League. Cyrus just turned 20 and has already appeared for the full Trinidad national team, while Bateau turns 20 in January and has worked his way up through the Trinidad youth ranks. Both are defenders so it will be interesting to see what they can come in and do.

Heineman also said that there are some players that they are looking at for a potential residential academy set up in Kansas City, KS. A residential academy would be set up similar to the way many are in Europe where players go to school there while also playing soccer. Vancouver and Salt Lake have both set up residential academies to help them develop talent and it looks like KC will be one of the next ones to do so.

Heineman continues by talking about the college draft coming up on January 13th. Heineman gave a glimpse into the team's draft strategy stating the team has a top 10 per position and a "power 75". With the announcement that it looks like MLS has signed 7 players to GA contracts and a few seniors as well, it gives KC a small idea of who could be available at the 10 spot for KC to grab. Certainly a few ways that the team can go, but they've also got a lot of internationals that they are still looking at.

Heineman continued by talking about one of the team's efforts to get young designated player, saying that they've had the deal fall apart on them. Heineman said that late in the process the price basically doubled on them and they had to cut off the deal. There is another player that they are still looking at though to bring in that young, attacking minded, designated player.

Finally, Heineman finishes by talking about other players that they are looking at. He specifically mentions an attacking mid/winger that wouldn't be a DP, but would be close. Just from that mention it sounds similar to the Ryan Smith signing last year. He also talks about the continued work to bring in more central defenders, one that is close and two that are in early negotiations, based off the interview Thad did with Peter Vermes, it doesn't sound like one of those three is Aurelien Collin as his contract does not expire until June and the team is looking for someone in January. Certainly looks like a lot of work is still to be done on this team and it's going to be a very busy next couple months.


Reepicheep said...

Every year I seem to freak out a bit during the offseason wondering what the Wizards will do to improve heading in to a new season. Most years they make a move or two that keeps them at status quo, which is better than going backwards, I suppose.

This year they have dumped several defenders and have picked up only one, unproven, M/D. They have added only Bravo to the offense and no central midfielders.

I may well be missing something here, but the Sporks are at least 2 defenders and 2 midfielders away from being above .500, let alone making the playoffs. None of this figures in two months of away games to start the season.

Mike or someone, please tell me why I should not be seriously worried...again admitting I tend to freak out at this time of the MLS offseason every year.

Anonymous said...

Reepi, remember Mike was the one that posted earlier this year to not expect the playoffs next year already. So I don't think you'll hear Mike helping to ease your worries.