Monday, December 13, 2010

Conrad and Wolff in Re-Entry Draft Round 2

If Jimmy Conrad and Josh Wolff's time in KC wasn't over when they were placed into the first stage of the re-entry draft, it certainly appears that it's now over as both Conrad and Wolff opted to stay in the draft and not renegotiate their contract with SKC. Today the list of players that will be available for Wednesday's stage 2 of the re-entry draft was released. Of the original 35 players, 32 will be entering stage 2. Joseph Ngwenya and Aaron Hohlbein were selected in stage 1, and Jovan Kirovski has opted out of the second round, instead choosing to try to renegotiate with the LA Galaxy. I just can't really see either one of these two players being in the new SKC Wizards blue next season at the stadium, which is definitely disappointing from a personal stand point.

It's the end of two very long careers in KC, both are in the top 10 in games played for the Wizards, Conrad is one of only a handful of players to have played over 200 games for the Wizards while Wolff is one of the top 3 scorers in team history. I understand from a professional standpoint why the players are moving on, but it is a bit disappointing. As for the Wizards selecting anyone Wednesday in the draft, no one really strikes me as a must have if they are available for us at the 8 spot, but we'll see if Peter Vermes and KC value any of the available players.


Reepicheep said...

I really wish we could have given Jimmy a proper goodbye.

Instead we are left with the image of him sheepishly parading the new SKC jersey during the "Big Announcement".

I know it's how the business works, but dang.

Drew Farmer said...

It's a good move. Many times teams will get stuck in a rut, b/c they keep around players for far too long. Those players get use to a style, training and other aspects despite a new coach(es) coming in. That then rubs off on the youngsters. Need new blood in and blood that isn't used to losing. These are positive moves.

J said...

I hated everything about the announcement and this stupid re-branding garbage, and that they trotted out Jimmy to model the ugly new jerseys when they knew they were kicking his ass out of town just adds to OnGoal's total lack of class. Screw them.