Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wolff Option Declined, Reentry Draft Awaits

It appears the offseason work is really beginning for SKC now, first the word on Jimmy Nielsen being re-signed and now we learn the name of the first Sporting player that will officially enter next week's reentry draft, and it's Josh Wolff. Wolff, 33 and a 12 year MLS veteran, had his option declined by SKC. After scoring a career high 11 goals in 2009, Wolff only scored twice and saw his playing time decrease late in the season as Teal Bunbury began to develop. I find it unlikely that a team will take on Wolff in the first round of Monday's reentry draft. I could see something happening in the second trip through later in the week, but not this time, I just don't think at this point in his career he's work the $200,000+ that he was making this year. We'll see if anyone does at this point soon enough though.

In other offseason roster movement potential, Robb Heineman posted a quick post on Bigsoccer tonight, touching on a few potential roster moves. He mentioned the Trinidad and Tobago trials that begin tomorrow, Heineman says that they're using this for helping them find some developmental players to help them fill out their roster next year. He also talks about the recent scouting trip to Europe, South America, and Africa and have a lengthy discovery list to turn into the league with the hopes of signing one. He also mentioned the potential of a young designated player signing based on his skill level, not his name potential. I like this move, especially with the recent news of Seattle and Real Salt Lake using designated player slots to keep players (Fredy Montero and Alvaro Saborio) who aren't necessarily big names but are very good players, this move if it happens I like the idea of. Finally Heineman says that they are working on two trades for one position but only want to get one of them. Either way it looks like the offseason could start moving very quickly very soon.


~LB said...

Sad to see wolff go. Kinda felt like I was his only fan anyway. Do you know where we can listen to the draft or watch online for updates on Monday?

Reepicheep said...

Farewell to Josh Wolff. He's been a solid professional for a long career in MLS. Unfortunately soccer is totally unforgiving to a forward who has lost a step.

Someone will pick him up as a late sub.

Mike said...

Laura, I assume you'll be able to follow on MLS' website in some form.