Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Wishes

There are only a few hours left in 2010, here are the wishes for this year.

1. Return to the Playoffs - Two years of missing the playoffs and it's time to return. KC has never missed the playoffs 3 years running so it's time for KC to return to the playoffs. Missing the playoffs this year would be a major disappointment with the new stadium.

2. Silverware - Yes again I'm asking for silverware again. I want a trophy.

3. Re-sign Michael Harrington - Michael Harrington had one of his best seasons as a pro last year, losing him would be a big loss for KC, so re-signing him has to be one of the highest priorities for KC.

4. 10-15 points on road trip to start season - This wish is really hard to go with considering we don't know for sure how many games KC will play on the road before opening the new stadium, but hopefully KC can have a strong road trip to start the season so they're not in a huge hole when they return home.

5. Average over 15,000 in the new stadium - I'm hopefully betting on the low side, but with a stadium with a capacity of 18,500 I'd hope KC would be able to average at least 15,000 in the 2011 season.

6. Sell out half the home games - 17 home games next season, while selling out half the games and averaging 15,000 would mean a lower amount for the non-sell outs I'd hope that KC can pull out sell outs in half their games this next season.

7. At most 1 loss at home - Depending on the way the road trip to begin the season goes, KC is going to need to have some very good home form to have a good 2011 season.

8. Omar Bravo scores 10+ goals - KC's new designated player Omar Bravo will have the full preseason to prepare with KC for the 2011 season. With a full preseason, Bravo will hopefully be able to gel with the team and be able to put the ball in the back of the net many times for KC.

9. US in KC for the Gold Cup and double header sell out - The US being in KC is definitely not for sure, while it seems the US will be in Group B or C, it's not for sure they'll be in KC. But one can definitely hope and it's note completely beyond the realm of possibility that they will be in KC. If the US does play here, anything but a sell out would be a disappointment for KC.


Anonymous said...

Loser, posting 15 minutes to midnight and you were blogging what a loser.

drew farmer said...

Sorry, but I can't see Bravo scoring 10 goals. Besides Smith he won't have the service and he isn't able to beat defenders on his own regularly anymore. He has scored less than got a season since '08 when he went to Spain to play. He'll be more like Claudio Lopez. He'll sit deeper and be more of a #10. Stop being so excited about him!!!!!

hartley said...

If the organization had held off on the name change for one more year, I think you would have had a chance at some great attendance. To be honest, some soccer fans like myself have lost interest. Originally I was hoping to attend multiple games. Now, hmmmmm, maybe one or two. And I will be there to see the other team -- like the Timbers or the Whitecaps or the Sounders. Of course, winning games could change the minds of many and build up interest. But, I really don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin Rob Heinman and the KC fronot office are jag bags, you need a #10 to win in this league, fn get one.who was kc last mvp preki what psotion did he play??? when was the last time kc made the mls cup... when chris klein had the best season of his career as a #10... are you guys fn retarded, stop signing amillion fowards and defenders and get a top quality playmaker, its so frusturating that one player could make such a big difference to not making the playoffs to competing for the cup. Could it be more fn blatantly obvious.

Dan said...

Anon Klein was not a number 10 in 2004. He played as a winger, did his entire time here he was not a playmaker.

Who was Colorado's playmaker this year when they won MLS Cup? Their center midfield was Pablo and Larentowicz