Friday, December 10, 2010

Bunbury Training with Stoke City

After finishing up a 3 goal performance in the MLS Generation Adidas tour in Spain, it looks like Teal Bunbury is sticking around Europe for a little while longer. This morning on Twitter, Bunbury posted "Just finished my first training session with Stoke City. Gonna be a great 10 days here. Praise God!! Much love." There's been no word that it's an actual trial with the EPL side, what it likely is, is just training for Bunbury. Similar to situations that other MLS players like Steve Zakuani and Osvaldo Alonso found themselves in already this offseason (both trained with Everton).

This is certainly a great opportunity for Bunbury to show how good he is against a team in one of the best leagues in the world. And while many people would likely laugh a bit at the fact that it's Stoke City and not a more glamorous club, the fact that Bunbury is getting a chance to train with an EPL side can be nothing but a good thing for Bunbury. I doubt that this is anything more than a training session, but it could be something that could eventually lead to something if Bunbury continues to show well.


Drew Farmer said...

Americans would laugh, but Stoke is a solid Prem team with the likes of Tuncay and Kenwyn Jones. It'll be good for him to see those to strikers in goal.

Nathan Martin said...

It is a great opportunity for him to gauge himself against better competition. I think he needs 1 or 2 more years of 90 minutes every game before he should go overseas.

I want him to succeed and a half-season of solid MLS play may not be enough to have a smooth transition.

Jozy Altidore could've used some more seasoning and now he still has yet to find consistent minutes.

Drew Farmer said...

Jozy Altidore is the perfect example of a US player needing more seasoning. Though, in his case I think he has a bit of an ego and problem in training. He couldn't even get on the pitch for Xerez 2008 and didn't get much time for Hull City last season after Phil Brown was sacked.
Along with Freddie Adu, two players Bunbury shouldn't emulate.

MOUFWASH said...

Bunbury has a professional as a father emulate, and was never told he was Pele at 14 or the US savior at forward at 17 years old. Neither Adu or Jozy have that lil unteachable thing the is a massive advantage on any sports platform, speed.... I am scared we are going to lose him soon, I think clubs just cant get over that kind of type/athleticism/speed. It just something that is such an advantage I can see teams drooling to get him for a transfer fee less that he probably really is worth